California Privacy Notice

I’m a resident of California and use Open Insulin  services and want to understand Open Insulin ’s Privacy practices.

What information does Open Insulin have about me?

Depending on the Services you use, below are some examples of information we may have, how we have collected it, and how we might use and share it. To learn more about what data Open Insulin  may have, you can consult our Privacy Policy. To exercise your data rights, go here.

Information you provide to us, for example:

Research and feedback, such as your comments, so that we can improve our services.

Information we collect automatically, for example:

Device information and identifiers, such as your IP address or browser type, so we can ensure our website is optimized to your needs.

Connection and usage data, such as the fact that you opened one of our emails, so that we serve you more relevant content.

Geolocation, such as your city to ensure we serve our live content in the right time zone.

Information we obtain from third parties, for example:

Social media information, such as your social media login data if you choose to sign into one of our services that way.

How does Open Insulin use my personal information?

Depending on the Services you use, below are some examples of how we might use it. To learn more about how we use data Open Insulin you can consult our Privacy Policy. We may use information in order to:

  • Provide the Open Insulin  Services, for example if you have trouble accessing a feature on a website, we can offer you support. We may also use the fact that you had trouble to work to improve that feature or create new ones.
  • Protect our users, Services, and properties, for example we may detect an unauthorized attempt to log in to an account.

How does Open Insulin share my personal information?

Depending on the Services you use, below are some examples of how we might share your personal information. To learn more, please consult our Privacy Policy.

  • Social Networks. For example, you may click ‘share’ to have a news story from an Open Insulin  property appear on your social media account. When you do this some information about you will be passed to the platform.
  • Service Providers. For example, we may use a vendor to collect data about a user’s ‘journey’—what webpage they start on, what pages they view and for how long–to optimize our website.
  • Law Enforcement. For example, we may work with law enforcement if we detect potential fraud on one of our digital platforms.

Does Open Insulin  sell my personal information?

The California Consumer Privacy Act defines a ‘sale’ in a way that may include allowing a third party to receive certain information to add to a profile about your device, browser, or you. While Open Insulin does not use any of these profiling prowers interest-based advertising on any of it’s services as a California based organization we believe in allowing you to have the opportunity to opt-out anyway. To learn how to opt-out, you can go to this link.

Can I make a request to access and delete my data?

If you live in California, you can exercise your access or deletion right here, your authorized agent may click here or residents or agents may email

Can I submit a request on someone else’s behalf?

If you live in California , a third party may be allowed to submit an individual rights request on your behalf. To learn more about authorized agents, click here.


This Notice may be revised occasionally and in accordance with legal requirements. By continuing to use the Open Insulin Foundation following any changes to this section, you acknowledge you have read and understand the updated Policy, and you understand your rights as stated therein.